VISION Statement

The Practice

The Group is experienced in the development and operations of various types of ports, ranging from container terminals, bulk, oil and gas, and general cargo (stevedoring, terminal management as well as marine services).

We operate the container terminal at King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia, being developed to be one of the top ten ports in the World in terms of capacity and offering, with an ultimate planned capacity of 20 million TEUs. We were engaged in the entire development process as well, from conception to equipment specifications, human resource development and training, systems design and deployment, financing, and all the start up activities.

At Jubail Industrial Port in Saudi Arabia, we operate the marine services including towage, repair, environmental, and other services. Jubail Industrial Port is considered one of the top five industrial ports in the world.

North of that at Ras El Khair Port, we provide both stevedoring as well as marine services for one of the largest mining ports in the region.

In many instances we work as subcontractors to other port management companies, such as the case in Bahrain where we are providing the stevedoring services for the container terminal that is run by APM Terminals. In other instances we helped terminal operators increase their productivity and efficiency such as the case in Malta Freeport, where we helped the operator improve productivity and deploy a maintenance management system. In both Basra (Iraq) and Odessa (Ukraine) we were hired by the owners to set up the operations including the commissioning of the equipments and other start up services.

In Pakistan we operate a grain terminal.

In Boston we provided training services for MassPort Authority at their container terminal facility to develop their expertise and skills on maintenance management and value engineering. In Alaska our group is providing maintenance and engineering services to Horizon Lines for the interface of container crane for a new dock facility.

We are also very involved in transportation systems, as applied to both ports and surface transportation.

We are investing a lot in research and development of intelligent products for optimizing port operations. And we are applying our system expertise to surface transportation, where for example in Boston (Massachusetts) we have developed, deployed, and currently operate and maintain a real time traveler information system that provides motorists with up to the second information about travel time of their journey.

We have expertise in transport policy and institutional structures of public private partnerships. This knowledge has
been applied with private and public clients in the United States of America, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with
the World Bank.