IPM operates facilities with the aim of achieving yield that is at least double the industry average standard.  We operate and maintain ports, including containers, bulk, general cargo and oil and gas. We also provide marine services as well as maintenance, service improvements, audits and start-up support activities.

Beirut Container Terminal Consortium SAL

BCTC is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) designed to operate the Beirut Container Terminal. In the past years, BCTC has focused on maximizing efficiency and use of resources. It has been recognized by a number of industry sources for its achievements. BCTC has reached a volume plateau of around 1 million TEUs at the container terminal that was designed to handle 500,000 TEU. The Port Authority has recently expanded the Terminal to allow up to 1.8 M TEU capacity with a quay length of 1,200 m and 12 STS cranes.
BCTC is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

National Port Services, Ltd.

NPS is the operating company in Saudi Arabia. NPS operates marine services in 4 ports and stevedoring services in 3 ports. These include commercial ports (general cargo, bulks and containers), industrial (one of the largest in the world), and mining ports. NPS works as well with Maaden the national mining company as a facility operator. NPS has over 30 years of experience.
NPS is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

National Container Terminals, Ltd.

NCT is the special purpose vehicle, under the management of NPS, established for the management of the King Abdullah Port Project in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah Port has started operations in September 2013, and is planned to become one of the top ten ports in the world, with an ultimate capacity of 20 million TEUs.
NCT is headquartered in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia.

IPM Port Management, Transportation Systems, Consultancy, Logistics And Trade, Ltd.

IPM Port Management, Transportation Systems, Consultancy, Logistics and Trade, Ltd has been established as an operating arm of IPM Group in Turkey. The objective of the company is developing the business in the field of port operation management, logistics and transport sectors.
IPM Turkey was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey.

Maintenance Service Providers Ports International SAL

MSP-PI is the maintenance management arm of the Group. MSP-PI focused on developing the concept for providing maintenance and technical engineering consulting. The type of expertise that MSP-PI is capable of providing can be expanded to other industries that require maintenance of heavy machinery such as ski lifts and general manufacturing factories.
MSP-PI is currently working for Aramco, the premiere oil company in Saudi Arabia, as well as other clients externally and internally.
MSP-PI is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Paul Bridges and Associates, Inc.

PBA, Inc. provides professional engineering services, inspection services, project management, and consulting services to the maritime industry, specializing in both container and bulk handling equipment and waterfront facilities worldwide. PBA, Inc. will provide owner/operators a method for acquiring marine handling equipment and will provide facility design in port facilities across the Americas and throughout the world.
The business has offices located in Mobile, AL, USA and Shanghai, PRC.