IPM provides advisory and management services across all service transport modes including intelligent transportation systems, maritime transportation and transport policy to government or quasi-government organizations, as well as private sector.

Portia Management Services, Ltd.

Portia Management Services Limited (Portia) is the port management and port advisory arm of the Group.
Portia provides professional services to port operators, port developers and port regulators/government. The services are primarily port management, consulting and port operations training. Portia’s specialism is port operations, including technical aspects of port operations, which it can apply to port/terminal concept through to live port /terminal operations. Portia has contracts to operate a number of ports around the world.
Portia has over 30 years’ experience across the globe. Its current primary markets are the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. Portia services end clients directly (its traditional market) and other companies in the group.
Portia is based in Liverpool, UK.

KCUS, Inc.

KCUS is the transportation consultancy arm of the Group.
KCUS specializes in the design and operation of multi modal transportation solutions where users and the infrastructure work intelligently together to deliver better outcomes (such as improved network throughput, reduced travel times, better user experience).
KCUS was established in 2001 and has been providing services to end clients directly (the traditional and still growing area) and to clients within the group (a growing area). KCUS has worked on projects ranging from the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Massachusetts to the design of light rail in Puerto Rico.
KCUS is based in Boston, MA.

IPM offers training services on the use of heavy equipment as well as on management and operations of container terminals.

IPM trainers are specialized instructors registered and qualified by the Department of Trade in England, U.K. They are authorized to train staff, and issue certificates of competence recognized worldwide.