IntelliPort, Inc.

IntelliPort is a company that seeks to leverage the power of technology and analytics to boost productivity by enabling transportation systems to operate at greater levels of efficiency. As we increase efficiency and productivity, we also increase profitability.

IntelliPort first initiative will be focused on our core services in the container terminal industry. The ability of a port to service vessels quickly is determined by its speed in moving containers on and off ships, around the yard, and through the gates. Yet the infrastructure, equipment, and skill of workers required to carry out these activities is limited and expensive.

IntelliPort views ports as holistic systems comprised of independent movements that must be intelligently synchronizing, modeled and anticipated. This level of optimization is only possible through the use of technology -- computer software, sensors, and telecommunications – that is becoming more pervasive, affordable and reliable. These systems help maximize the use of land area (thereby adding a “green” element to the equation) and minimize unproductive moves by intelligently directing containers to the best stack and location within a stack. The systems also allow port managers and operators to collect new data and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to glean new efficiencies from mature operations.

Intelliport is based in Boston, MA.

Logistics and Port Management, Americas, Ltd.

LPMA is a special purpose vehicle created to undertake research and development work in the field of port optimization.

LPMA is based in Boston, MA.